#1 Gladstone Road, Nassau Bahamas


$175 each (we recommend one for every 50 guests)

Cleaning Fee

$45 per 50 guests (cleaning of glassware)

Set Up / Breakdown Fee

$50 per 50 guests

With the above charges, the bartenders will bring the purchased alcohol and ice as well as the coolers, tables, skirts, and glassware (we have wine, champagne and highball glasses available)

These charges will also have 10 % VAT added.

All products returned for credit must not have been chilled, damaged or opened. There is a $5 fee for EACH missing or broken glassware.

If you require a specialty cocktail for your event there is a $15 per gallon mixing fee.

We require payment in full before any catering event.

Please contact the below for any questions or to book your catering.

Carlynn Sands
(242) 601-9348